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Game News
Welcome to the Grimven Black Rose Company!

This is our guild's main website; mainly used to keep track of guild funds, inventory, as well as general membership and events. Our goal in this guild is to give aid to members in the form of questing, equipment, game questions, and even the occasional, reasonable, donation. 

Important Areas:


The forums are where members will be able to coordinate questing with other players, trade items, or just generally chat. This will also be the place to request certain things, such as a donation for buying an item, questions about the game, and requests for certain equipments. There are more details about this in the forum section.


Just as its name implies, the bank is where the guild can keep track of its funds. Funds are maintained and kept by one of the guild's officers, Erzea. The bank also keeps track of guild items. These items are pieces of equipment that members have donated to the guild for complete, open access by all members.


This is the crafting area of the guild website. On this page, members may request certain items for crafting, or may be trading crafting items between other members. The page also has a space for crafting skills of certain players; this way, one will know who to go to for a certain kind of item crafting. 

Here on the home page of the website, members will find updates on guild events, important game news, as well as other important guild news. 

Visitors wishing to join the guild can either ask on the visitor-specific forum, or go in-game, and send a letter to Cordea (or send a /tell if he is online).
Guild News

Guild site is now active!

kilo23, Jun 7, 11 6:00 PM.
We now have an official guild website. There are still a couple issues that need to be worked out, and will be addressed as soon as possible. Keep a watch on the news box for information on the Roleplayer's GBRC website!
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